Straw bale Tiendita Project

Please support our missionaries Thomas Ingram and Oliver Fahling in their venture into natural building methods! In partnership with OCF during the Spring break build session (March 11-16th, 2019, open spots still available) we will be building the new tiendita (Ranch store) out of the strawbale natural building technique....

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Summer 2019 HomeBuilding Tool Needs

Please help us to replace tools for Summer 2019 HomeBuilding Season! We are in urgent need for: Drill/Driver Combo Kit, 6-Port Charger, Large Batteries, Saw Combo Kit (Sawzall & Skill Saw & Drill), Stucco Sponges, Stucco Trowel (Square), Stucco Hawk, Stucco Trowel (Rounded), Mortar Hoe, Chalk Line, Utility Knife,...

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Project Mexico Olive Tree Fund
(This campaign is no longer active)

Donate towards 30 olive trees that will be planted at Project Mexico. This donation also will go towards other irrigation supplies used to reach our goals of beatification at Project Mexico.

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St. Innocent Day Donate HERE!
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On October 7th 2018 we humbly ask that you join us alongside parishes nationwide to pass an offering tray in celebration of the Feast of St. Innocent. Or donate here online today! Join us this one day for one collection unified in one hope to make a difference for the boys of St. Orphanage. Make a difference today! Pass a...

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Project Mexico Tractor Refurbishment Fund
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Help donate to refurbish our tractor and obtain a rotary mower and tiller for it. With this tractor up and running better and with the addition of a mower and tiller, projects around the ranch will be more efficiently executed. The tractor will help contribute to our goals of beautification of Project Mexico as well as our...

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